Stripes install signs in all properties

A well-marked property is essential for accessibility, appearance and ease-of-use.

Stripes offers a range of high-quality parking lot signs and installation solutions.

From retail business lots to residential complexes, we provide our customers with custom parking sign solutions that best fits their needs.

Stripes install signs in all properties

Parking Lots Commercial Properties Schools
Retail Businesses Residential Complexes Apartment Buildings
Streets Warehouses Facilities

Where your property has its own signs, we can install them.
Where you need signs, we can provide them.

Custom Parking Signs and More

Fire Route No Parking Yield Signs
Speed Limit Signs Visitor Parking Signs Handicapped Parking Signs
No Loitering Signs Pick Up Areas Reserved Parking

Stripes follows the latest guidelines from

MTO’s Ontario Traffic Manual Book 5 – Regulatory Signs

Signs Post and Sign Bases

We deliver the full range of sign posts and sign bases.

Flex Posts

  • Steel posts offer years of high-quality performance and are offered in a range of lengths to best suit your needs.
  • Best for in-ground, curbside signage
  • Pre-drilled holes for customizable signage placement

Concrete Sign Bases

  • Steel post in a concrete base
  • Best for sidewalks or pavement – can be relocated without the need for re-installation
  • Durable and high-quality

U-Channel Sign Posts

  • Plastic and steel – these signs are on springs. They prevent damage to cars and itself.
  • Can be mounted to pavement or concrete.
  • Best for parking lots and pavement

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