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STRIPES painting parking lines for Canadian Tire

Another night’s over. Another painting parking lines job well done. Everyone knows Canadian Tire’s unfortunate nickname, but our parking lot lines are telling a different story! If you’re like most people, you don’t think about who is painting parking lines everywhere. That’s us – “Stripes” – or All Ontario Striping. Someone has to do this important job. We want it to be us – we love doing it! Imagine the chaos without those gorgeous straight lines to guide your way to the parking space! If

Parking Lot Pavement Markings

Parallel lines don’t meet. Or do they?

We left school thinking we’d never do geometry again. But life has taught us differently. Every night we find ourselves in empty parking lots dealing with geometry : calculating, counting and getting creative. The geometry teacher insisted parallel lines don’t meet. Or do they? After a long night working in a lonely parking lot, they sometimes come together – but only in our tired eyes. The dawn light reveals a newly painted pavement with lines are as beautiful and fresh

Line Painting Machine

No, it’s not a UFO. It’s our state-of-the-art line-painting machine.

Transformers and terminators are out of fashion. Even UFOs are no longer surprising. But our new machine for painting lines makes a statement! With its beauty, dependability and skill for covering the globe with stripes! Imagine this planet – not the UFO’s alien planet, but this one – is a huge parking lot, and we’re all parked here for a while. Our company – Stripes or All Ontario Striping – strives to make your stay on earth as convenient as possible. One of

Go Station Line Painting

Go, go, go to the GO Station! The time has come to draw the line.

On May 23, 1967, GO Transit began regular passenger service and its long journey as Canada’s first regional public transit system. Today the GO Station in Guelph is the main intermodal terminal in that growing city. We painted the lines and we’re proud of our job! We follow the old saying: “The time has come to draw the line.” Our company “Stripes” (All Ontario Striping) knows what that’s all about!

There’s a classic joke about basketball players.

What do basketball players do when they’re not on the court? They go to the movies and sit in the front row! The “Stripes” company (All Ontario Striping) spends a lot of time on the court. But we don’t play basketball. We paint the lines. And yes, we always sit in the front row!

pavement marking toronto ontario

Token, Transfer, Presto! Who painted the lines for the TTC?

If you’re in Toronto and someone says “token, transfer, Presto!”, what are they talking about? The TTC, of course. They’re talking about the streetcars, subways and buses running through Toronto. The TTC is the holy grail of Canada’s urban transportation systems. Imagine our excitement when we got to draw the lines for that transportation giant! Picasso would have been jealous — he didn’t get to draw straight lines. But we did!

car park line painting

Another advantage of driving an electric car. Special parking spaces!

Electric cars are still fairly rare in Toronto, so their drivers have an added advantage. More and more parking lots have special reserved sports with access to recharging. And they’re the best kind of spaces because they usually aren’t occupied! Look at how our company – “Stripes” or All Ontario Striping – paints these electric recharging spots. By the way, it’s a great way to attract wealthy customers to your shopping plaza. After all, a Tesla is not a cheap toy …